The K.I.D. Program

Our vision for The Kyla McCullough Gift Fund is for it to continue to grow, reaching new people every year. At the same time, we realize that there are a number of people with a burning desire to help contribute to the success of this organization. By introducing the K.I.D. (Kyla's Inspired Delegate) program, we are combining our vision for the fund with people's desire to help. The K.I.D. program provides the people who want to support our vision with an opportunity to directly impact the growth of the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund.

Here is how it works...anyone who desires to be a K.I.D. merely needs to get 8 people (other than themself and a guest) that have not yet attended one of our Benefit Dinner & Auction events in the past to make a reservation at this year's event. In return for your contributions, we will provide you with 2 free registrations for the evening. Becoming a K.I.D. will allow you the option of reserving a table for you and all of your guests to sit together. In addition, you will receive special recognition during the evening's program as being a K.I.D.

One of the many factors in the success of the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund is our ability to get people to come to our events. One of the most difficult things to do is to draw people that don't know us to our event...but this is where you come in. While we all share a common bond, we each have our own circles of relationships...friends at work, at church, family, neighbors, endless number of people. There may be no greater contribution that can be made to the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund than for you to bring a mere 8 people from within your circle of relationships to our Benefit Dinner & Auction.

If you are interested in becoming a K.I.D. for our next event, please:

  1. Print off the Registration form.
  2. Fill out the left side of the form with your information.
  3. At the top of the right side of the form, check the box next to "I am registering as a KID".
  4. Add an additional free guest to the top of the right side of the form (Name #2).
  5. Fill out the remainder of the right side of the form with committments from 8 other guests to attend this year's Benefit Dinner & Auction. To qualify for the KID program, these 8 guests should not have attended any of our KMGF fundraising dinner & auctions in the past.
  6. Collect the registration money from each of your guests. The price for each guest is $50. If they are paying by check, make sure they make their check out to the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund.
  7. Send the completed Registration form along with all of the money to our address: P.O. Box 906, Oregon City, Oregon 97045.

If you need more information, please contact us via email at We truly hope that people will recognize this as an opportunity to be even more intimately tied to the success and growth of The Kyla McCullough Gift Fund.