Our Mission

The Kyla McCullough Gift Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to assisting local children that are living with cancer, along with bringing new awareness to the community about how to help others dealing with cancer in their times of need.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration, our driving force is Kyla McCullough…our daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend. The ripple of Kyla’s life has inspired people to fight for something that is above themselves...to give freely of their time, money, and efforts to support children with cancer.

The following video of Kyla and the work being done through her gift fund was shared with our guests at our 2012 Benefit Dinner & Auction. Visit our page about Kyla to learn more about her.

How Can You Help?

A. Attend our fundraising events

Just show up and have a great time. It's that simple! We are currently preparing for our 10th annual Kyla McCullough Gift Fund Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction. Visit our Annual Auction page for more details.

B. Donate an item for our fundraising events

When you donate an item to be auctioned off at one of the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund fundraisers, you are not only contributing to a great cause that helps children and families in need, but you are also allowed to claim your cost for that item as a tax deduction. If you have any other ideas for auction items, please feel free to contact us via email at donations@kmgf.org.

C. Donate directly to the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund

For information on how to donate to the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund, please visit our Donate page.

D. Tell others about what the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund is doing

One of the many challenges for an organization like ours is finding opportunities to let people know who we are and what we do. We believe that the very best way to bring people to our organization is by word of mouth...that people who have been touched by our organization would pass that on to their friends, creating a ripple effect. We rely on people just like you to let others know about our organization. As our organization has grown, we have seen our circle of friends grow. And we would love for you to introduce your circle of friends to our organization. A few examples of how to help in this area would be...talking to your friends about our organization, becoming a K.I.D. by bringing in 8 new people to our fundraising dinner and auction, or even posting a message on your Facebook account telling all your Facebook friends to check us out.